Meet Miguel Robles-Durán

Please welcome to our cameras, the host of our favorite urbanist podcast- Miguel! 

Usually behind the microphone of Cities After…, Prof. Robles-Durán is sharing a new video to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Click below to learn why Miguel believes Democracy at Work is one of the most important and influential progressive media organizations operating today.”

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“10 years ago, Democracy at Work believed that an anti-capitalist media project was urgent, and against all odds, has succeeded in becoming a critical progressive force of analysis, provocations and radical ideas that are able to trigger the transformative desires we all need to overcome these dangerous and precarious times.

Miguel’s podcast is one example of the projects, present and future, we’re able to produce with your help. Grounded in our daily urban struggles, Cities After… focuses on the future of cities with both dystopian and utopian visions. Interviews with leading thinkers, activists and politicians make Cities After… more than a show; it’s a connection with radical change in our urban environments around the world. We’re lucky to celebrate our anniversary with Miguel as the newest podcast host on our team.

“I want to raise my glass of mezcal to 10 more years of success. Congratulations, Democracy at Work.”

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“The most important and most difficult task we all face is to communicate, motivate and demonstrate to a broader society that we can do better than capitalism. On this front, Democracy at Work has been a pioneer in the new media landscape.” 

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