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Democracy at Work (d@w) is a non-profit (501c3) organization that conceives, creates, and distributes media aimed at demonstrating why, and how, democratizing the workplace is a viable solution for a new and better economic system.

d@w advocates for workers self-directed enterprises (WSDEs) as a key part of moving forward from the current model of capitalism to a new and better economy.

Based on the work of Professor Richard D. Wolff, d@w strives to advocate for alternative solutions to the current model of capitalism. A lifelong professor of economics, Prof. Wolff is a well-known critic of contemporary capitalism and the leading proponent of an alternative economic system based on WSDEs. He has been interviewed on several popular television programs that include: Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Moyers’ Moyers & Company, The Charlie Rose Show, and Up with Chris Hayes, among others. Prof. Wolff’s publications include articles in Truthout.org, The Guardian, Common Dreams, as well as his recent books: Capitalism Hits the Fan and Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism

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We proudly thank all who work with us and support the project. In addition to many individuals, we also gratefully acknowledge the support of the Lannan Foundation and Truthout.org.

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