Weekly Roundup: November 3, 2021

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New this week: Economic Update, Capitalism Hits Home & Wolff Responds...

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Economic Update: China and Inflation: Real Analyses, not BS

The program's first half focuses on the realities of China's rise and not the Cold War rhetoric. The second half analyzes the inflation now threatening the US economy. Its causes and consequences turn out to be quite different from the mainstream media treatments of the subject.

Wolff: "This is not about government printing money. It's not about any of the things you hear. It's what you're not supposed to hear. That's the key issue here: profit driven price increases. You and I have to pay so that the employer makes sure that this capitalist system works for them. And for us, we get to watch headlines that tell us nonsense.”

Capitalism Hits Home: Americans Face Mass Evictions

In this episode of CHH, Dr. Fraad talks about the 40 Million Americans that face eviction after October 31, 2021. What kind of society treats the right to shelter, and with that the right to life as a commodity? Should that kind of society exist? Eviction raises just that question.

Fraad: "41 million, people are in danger of losing their homes, and their children, of course, lose them too. This is an area where capitalism literally hits home, where we live. Capitalist housing market is actually a threat to life itself for 40 million Americans.”

Wolff Responds: Bringing the People into Politics

In this Wolff Responds,  Prof. Wolff comments on the failure of the Democratic party to deliver a populist party, one that involves people. The US continues to go in a direction that impoverishes its citizens. Wolff argues that we need to change the politics in order to change the system that doesn't deliver what is needed to the vast majority of Americans.

Wolff: “Watching the Republican intransigence, watching two Democratic senators join them and having them defeat free community colleges, vision and dental care for people, extensions of medicare and medicaid and lower pharmaceutical prices. Things that the polls show us the vast majority of Americans need more than ever and want and support. It could have been very different, what happened. It could have, and it should have. The solution is clear. Had you brought the American people into the political process, rather than leaving it to the professionals in Washington who are failing in what they should be doing, you might have made a big difference. You might have made the difference.”

Wolff Responds: US Capitalism's Helpers - Obama, Trump, Biden

In this Wolff Responds,  Prof. Wolff comments on the failures of both Republicans and Democrats to deliver on their promises and improve living standards for the majority of Americans. 

Wolff: “​​Three presidents: each working harder than the other one to use the whole catalog of monetary and fiscal policy to boost the economy, which is a polite way of saying to keep the rich getting richer while the rest of us clearly don't. They are very alike, but they are actors who know that they're supposed to play different roles.”

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