Economic Update Episode List: Season 14

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Season 14

Season 14 began in January 2024, and will run through December 2024. 

The U.S. Tax System Designed For Economic Injustice

No Guest

February 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 06)

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This week's episode of Economic Update hosted by Professor Richard Wolff, we will be discussing the increasingly more common corporate threats to force remote workers back to working onsite. We then turn to Ukraine war economics, U.S. vs BGI as anti-Chinese economic nationalism, US's escalation of war in the Middle East, and finally a critique of the US tax system's injustices.

EU_S13_E5_Chris_Hedges.pngThe U.S. Economy As An Apartheid System

Guest: Michael Hudson

January 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 05)

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This week's episode of Economic Update hosted by Professor Richard Wolff, we will be discussing the continuing decline of US manufacturing; a 29,000 person strike at California State Univ.; the Houthis disrupt Red Sea shipping in move against Israel; and Texas refuses to obey US federal government's rules in struggle over immigration and white supremacy. In addition we have a special Interview with leading economist Prof. Michael Hudson on basic crises facing US capitalism.

U.S. Capitalism At The Crossroads

No Guest

January 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 04)

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This week’s Economic Update Professor Richard Wolff discusses the special dimensions and qualities of the US labor movement's current dynamism; Thomas Piketty’s analysis showing how capitalism generates widening wealth and income gaps leading to crashes or simmering, divisive, and domestic resentments. Leading to the system itself becomes destabilized.

EU_S13_E3.pngAs The Empire Crumbles

No Guest

January 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 03)

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In this week's episode of EU, Prof.Wolff delivers updates on the mass closing of Greyhound bus stations around the U.S., the escalating strengths of Russian obstacles in Ukraine, the choice the UK faces between paying for the bombing of Yemen or funding their National Health Service, how Boeing's safety debacle propelled China into the lead of global automotive exports and how Israel has also been aversely affected by the shifts and changes of the world economy caused by the decline of U.S. dominance.

Corporations vs Democracy

No Guest

January 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 02)

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In this weeks show, Prof. Wolff analyzes the corporation. It stands as a basic institution blocking real democracy in our society. The corporation's structure and operations empower and enrich a tiny social minority at the expense of the people's wealth and democratic power. Like the critiques of slave plantations and feudal manors that preceded the disappearance of those systems, the growing critique of capitalism reflects but also informs critical social movements now.

EU_S13_E01_Bob_Hennelly.pngU.S. China Decoupling Myth

No Guest

January 2024 (Season 14 - Episode 01)

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Happy New Year! For our first Economic Update of 2024, Professor Richard Wolff discusses the myth of the current narrative of the United States disconnecting itself economically from the Republic of China

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