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AskProfWolff: Capitalism's Crashes: An Analysis


A Patron of Economic Update asks: "Can you define and articulate the dimensions and factors used to determine that a "crash of capitalism" has occurred?"



Economic Update: Social Movement Gains in LA

[S10 E47] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses the immense social waste of today's US unemployment  the Trump ban on investments in Chinese companies, new global...



AskProfWolff: Why Marx Differentiates "Productive" from "Unproductive Labor"

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "You mention three types of "actors" within the modern U.S. economy: productive, unproductive, and capitalist. Are unproductive workers...



Capitalism Hits Home: Does Capitalism Kill Creativity? Let's Count the Ways.

[S3 E11] New

On this week's show, Dr. Fraad and Julianna Forlano discuss the difference between the life of a Walmart worker with that of a Mondragon worker. Some folks say...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Science and Authority

[S3 E6] New

On this episode of David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, Prof, Harvey argues that what is being done politically to deal with the propagation of...



AskProfWolff: Capitalism's "Economic Growth" Fetish

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "What is economic growth? Where does it come from, why can capitalism not go without it, why does...


All Things Co-op: Interview with Esteban Kelly, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives


All Things Co-op welcomes Esteban Kelly, the Executive Director for the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives for a fascinating glimpse into the work of USFWC, and his thoughts on both national and international strategies for growth in the cooperative movement.


The Sickness is The System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself - Animated Video

This animated video provides an overview of Prof. Wolff's latest book, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself.


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