A New Empire, a Multipolar World, or a Post-Capitalist System?

I want to talk with you about the emerging new world economic order…

Prof Wolff isn’t afraid to tell the truth: the landscape of capitalism is changing, and it’s important to understand. That’s what the new episode of Economic Update: The Emerging New World Economy accomplishes. 

  1. Capitalism has shifted from neoliberal globalization to nationalistic capitalism.
  2. There’s no longer a great battle between private (capitalism) or government (socialism). Most modern countries use private and state capitalism in a hybrid model. 
  3. The U.S. empire is in decline.
  4. What comes next: a new empire, a multipolar world, or a new post-capitalist system that replaces employer-employee workplace organizations (private and public) with democratically run worker cooperative organizations?

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If you liked this episode and want to learn more, we have some exciting news for you. Democracy at Work will soon be publishing a new book by Richard Wolff which defines and explains our capitalist system and why we can do better! Stay tuned for more news about this exciting project!

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