All Things Co-op Episode List: Season 4

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Season 4

Season 4 began in February 2021.

All Things Co-op: The Great Resignation

July 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 12) 

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In this episode of the All Things Co-op Podcast, Larry, Cinar and Kevin talk about the so-called "Great Resignation." After discussing what may be behind this change, the trio discusses what cooperatives might have done differently, and how different we would be able to deal with things like a global pandemic in a cooperative society.

ATC_Cover_S4_E11_EdWhitfield.pngAll Things Co-op: The Money Question with Ed Whitfield

July 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 11) 

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In this episode of the All Things Co-op Podcast, Larry leads an interview with Ed Whitfield of Seed Commons to talk about cooperative and democratic investment in worker cooperatives.

All Things Co-op: The Hostile Takeover

June 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 10) 

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In this episode, the ATC guys talk about the idea of the hostile takeover - workers organizing for the purposes of taking over a factory, usually when the owners are abandoning it. Reviewing and highlighting experiences in Argentina and in Chicago, they discuss the situations where these kinds of takeovers are possible, what pre-conditions are necessary, and how this related to union and other labor organizing efforts.

ATC_Cover_S4_E09_Coop_Cycle.pngAll Things Co-op: Co-op Cycle

June 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 09) 

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Co-op Cycle is a platform cooperative based primarily in France, but with member cooperatives around Europe. In this episode, the ATC guys chat with Adrien Claude, the coordinator for Co-op Cycle, about how it works and what they've learned.

All Things Co-op: Critiques of Co-ops

May 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 08) 

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In this episode of ATC, Kevin, Larry and Cinar talk about some of the most common criticisms of co-ops that they've heard over the years and respond to them.

ATC_Cover_S4_E07_Eva_Cooperative.pngAll Things Co-op: The Eva Cooperative

May 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 07) 

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In this episode of All Things Coop, Cinar and Kevin talk with Dardan Isufi, the Chief Operating Officer of the Eva Cooperative, a rideshare cooperative based in Quebec, Canada.

All Things Co-op: Co-ops and Their Organizations

April 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 06) 

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In this episode, Kevin, Larry and Cinar talk about the organizations that represent cooperatives in the US and their political reticence to be anti-capitalist. They discuss the need for cooperatives to be anti-capitalist and the anti-capitalist left to be pro cooperative.

ATC_Cover_S4_E05_Unions_Coops.pngAll Things Co-op: Unions and Co-ops

April 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 05) 

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Unions and Worker Cooperatives are two forms of worker organizations focused on fighting for justice in solidarity. However, Unions and Coops fulfill different functions. What similarities do they share? What can they learn from one another? And how can they work together to achieve the goal of worker emancipation? In this episode of All Thing Co-op, Larry, Cinar and Kevin discuss these questions.

All Things Co-op: Interview with Drivers Coop Worker-Owners

March 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 04) 

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In this episode Kevin, Cinar, and Larry talk with Erik Foreman and David Alexis about their exciting new cooperative - Drivers.Coop - in New York City. is a river-owned ridehailing cooperative in New York City that was founded to be the alternative to Uber and Lyft, whose mission mission is to end exploitative conditions in the for-hire vehicle industry through system change– putting drivers in the driver’s seat of the platform economy. Drivers make more on each trip, all profits go back to drivers, and drivers have democratic control over the decisions that affect their lives. Drivers.Coop will be launching this year.

ATC_Cover_S4_E01.pngAll Things Co-op: Taking on Rosa Luxemburg's Critique of Co-ops

March 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 03) 

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In her famous text Reform or Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg spent a short chapter discussing cooperatives, and made a classic critique. In this episode Larry, Kevin, and Cinar take on the critique and try to answer it.

ATC_Cover_S4_E01.pngAll Things Co-op: Envisioning a Cooperative Society

February 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 02) 

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In this episode of All Things Co-op Larry, Cinar, and Kevin attempt to answer the often asked question for anti-capitalists - “What does your future society look like?” While one version of a post-capitalist society is Star Trek, we can wait that long - we need something now. So, starting from the standpoint of an economy based on worker self-directed enterprises they discuss what the government in such a society could look like. They attempt to answer how economic decisions could be made, how things could get built, and how we could distribute the goods and services we produce. If you’ve ever wondered what the future looks like, check out this episode.

ATC_Cover_S4_E01.pngAll Things Co-op: Alienation, Office Space, and the Cure for Capitalism 

February 2021 (Season 4 - Episode 01) 

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Work sucks. But why? Why do we all long for happy hour after work ends? In this episode of the All Things Coop podcast, Larry, Cinar, and Kevin sit down to talk about the theory and lived reality of alienation through the black comedy "Office Space." They discuss the consequences of alienation wider society and how Worker Self Directed Enterprises may be the cure to this pervasive problem. You don’t hate Mondays, you hate capitalism.


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