Cities After... Episode List: Season 1

Season 1   

Season 1

Season 1 of Cities After... began in May 2021.

Urban Crises & the Architecture Discipline Today

June 2021 (Season 01 - Episode 05)

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In this episode, Prof. Robles-Durán talks about the outmoded forms of knowledge that architecture and related urban design disciplines uphold, as global populations face ever-growing social and environmental urgencies in their cities. 

Leilani Farha on Housing & Real Estate Markets

June 2021 (Season 01 - Episode 04)

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In this episode, Prof. Robles-Duran is joined by Leilani Farha, a Canadian human rights lawyer and Global Director of The Shift, to talk about the effects of the pandemic on housing markets. 

CitiesAfter_Thumbnail_S1_E3.pngHousing & Real Estate Markets Around the Globe

May 2021 (Season 01 - Episode 03)

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In this episode, Prof. Robles-Duran talks about contradictions that have emerged during the global pandemic all around the world. Job losses, loss of livelihoods, homelessness, and evictions have dramatically increased in cities across the globe. However, the coronavirus crisis has also effected the creation of a tremendous amount of wealth for a small minority. While the economies of many countries report contractions, the real estate and luxury goods markets report record profits. Wealth is being concentrated at the very top. Prof. Robles-Duran explores both dystopian and utopian scenarios that can emerge from this new urban development paradigm.

David Harvey on Urban Emptiness

Guest: David Harvey

May 2021 (Season 01 - Episode 02)

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In this episode, Prof Robles-Durán and Marxist geographer David Harvey have a conversation about possible futures to the new empty spaces that now permeate our cities.

Urban Emptiness and the Pandemic

May 2021 (Season 01 - Episode 01)

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In the first episode, Prof Robles-Durán explores the urban shifts surrounding the dramatic rise of commercial and residential vacancies during the global pandemic.

Season 1   

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